Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is crafted to elucidate how Teen Patti Master Private Limited (“we,” “Teen Patti Master”) manages user personal information when the user utilizes any of Teen Patti Master’s games or services. We are dedicated to safeguarding user privacy, ensuring that we never sell or disclose user privacy information to a third party without explicit consent, except when necessary to provide the service in use. Teen Patti Master is obligated to handle the personal data of all users in accordance with the applicable laws of the jurisdiction where the games are being played.

Information Collection

When users engage in any Teen Patti Master game or service, they authorize Teen Patti Master to access specific user information. This information is collected to enhance our services, meet user requirements, and includes details such as name, profile picture, gender, networks, user IDs, friends list, date of birth, email address, and other publicly available Facebook information.

When users connect to any Teen Patti Master game or service via a social network account, such as Facebook or Apple, they authorize us to access information from their profiles based on the privacy settings established on the social network site.

Additionally, when users directly use any Teen Patti Master game or service, we may collect and store information such as registration data, email address, and other profile details. Accessing Teen Patti Master games on a mobile device may also entail the collection of device and carrier information.

If users make in-game virtual item purchases, we collect the billing and financial information necessary for processing charges. It’s important to note that credit card information is not stored.

When users access Teen Patti Master games or services, technical information is collected to analyze usage, personalize experiences, and manage advertising. This includes data such as cookies, IP addresses, device type, device identifiers, browser types, and other similar information.

How We Use Collected Information

Teen Patti Master exclusively retains the right to user information and does not sell or disclose it without user consent. The information may be utilized for important announcements, software developments, upgrades, special offers, user feedback solicitation, and application/software support. Users who do not wish to receive announcements can manage notifications in the app settings.

In addition, aggregated and non-personally identifiable user information may be used for internal analysis to enhance our services.

Control Over Personal Information

Users have the option to terminate their accounts at any time, which removes their profile and personal information from view. However, certain information may be essential for providing services and support.

In Teen Patti Master social games, past game results or records are not deleted even if the application is removed from the user’s phone. Teen Patti Master takes reasonable steps to protect user personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration.

Exceptions to Information Disclosure

Users acknowledge that Teen Patti Master may be required to disclose information by competent legal authorities or may voluntarily choose to disclose information under reasonable belief that it is necessary for lawful purposes. Teen Patti Master is not obligated to inform users about such requests.

User Consent and Responsibilities

Users understand and accept that downloading the Teen Patti Master game is an action taken at their own consent, and they assume responsibility for system damage, data loss, and other associated risks. Teen Patti Master and its affiliates are not liable for any damages or risks arising from using the game.

Grant of License and Rules

Subject to compliance with terms of service, Teen Patti Master grants users a revocable, non-exclusive limited license to access and use the services. Users play Teen Patti Master social games for entertainment purposes only, and the chips used in the game have no real monetary value.

Teen Patti Master reserves the right to terminate user licenses, especially in cases of unauthorized chip acquisition. The intellectual property rights over the game and related software are solely owned by Teen Patti Master.

Downloading and Usage Agreement

Downloading the Teen Patti Master game is free, and users receive free chips to start. These chips have no real currency value, are non-transferable, and are not refundable. Users fully understand and agree that chip losses can occur due to various reasons, and Teen Patti Master is not liable for such losses.

Rules and Restrictions

Failure to comply with restrictions or terms of service may result in account suspension or permanent banning. Users are advised to read and adhere to the specified restrictions, including age limitations, non-commercial use, and prohibitions against illegal activities, spam, profanity, cheating, and unauthorized chip acquisition.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the countries where the games are played. Disputes shall be resolved through friendly consultation, and if unresolved, through arbitration or legal proceedings in the relevant jurisdiction.

Governing Agreement

The terms of service and privacy policy govern the relationship between users and Teen Patti Master. Users must review and accept this Privacy Policy to use Teen Patti Master’s products and services.

Suggestions or Comments

All suggestions or comments related to personal data must be sent to